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●  Enables patients to achieve many of the benefits of a workout.
●  Accelerates
weight loss by increasing metabolism.
●  Increases
blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
●  Increases
bone density, usually reversing the effects of osteoporosis.
●  Enhances
pain reduction.
●  Increases physical
strength, dexterity, and endurance.
●  Increases
flexibility, range of motion and mobility.
●  Reduces
●  Tightens
facial muscles.
●  Relieves
menopausal symptoms.
Rehabilitates injuries and ailments.
●  Reduces the pain and discomfort from
Strengthens lower back muscles that can cause back pain.
●  Helps to improve
many joint conditions.
What Are The Benefits
Vibrate For Health
Whole Body Vibration
Vibrate For Health