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Whole Body Vibration
Why Does
Whole Body Vibration Work?
Degenerative disease conditions, accelerated aging, and all diminished
capacities ultimately can be attributed to insufficient cellular stimulation. As
the living cell struggles with poor nutrition, low oxygen levels, environmental
toxins and stagnation of lymphatic fluids, disease conditions develop which
shorten the life span.  Whole Body Vibration can reverse that process.

It was first developed in the Soviet Union to condition Soviet cosmonauts
to withstand the effects of weightlessness in outer space for months
at a time. The Soviets conducted rigorous scientific studies spanning
several decades that confirmed the remarkable restorative powers and
safety of whole body vibration.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy provides the most effective and safe way
to excite human cells. This new technology accelerates the body's natural
healing response, increases cellular oxygen uptake, enhances cellular
nutrient uptake, stimulates cellular fluid movement and facilitates cellular
waste removal. As a result, the new cells are more resilient, more vibrant,
and function together as a healthier, longer lasting body.
It's About Vibrating The Cells
Whole Body Vibration Therapy is a new
breakthrough technology that naturally
optimizes cellular health, resulting in
"Youthful Aging".
Vibrate For Health
Vibrate For Health